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Parenting Journey 


All families need support in their parenting role. For some parents, that support comes from other family members or friends.... for others, more formal regular supports may be an option of choice during 'challenging times'.


​Parenting Journey is a voluntary community based In- Home Family Support program for families with children ages 3-16 years.The purpose of this project is to promote the healthy growth and development of children and youth by building on each family members' strengths, knowledge, and resources and focusing on desired outcomes for the future.

Parenting Journey recognizes the important role that parents, family,& communities play in the lives of children & youth and addresses this through it's holistic approach to programming, linkages and referrals.

Parenting Journey Involves


​● An initial screening to determine eligibility

● A Family Assessment to determine areas of strength

● Develop a Family Plan with the family to outline goals for the future

●Regular home visitation

● Collaboration & coordination with other service providers for support

The Home Visitor can Provide Information on: 


● Child/youth growth and development

● Parent-child relationships

● Parenting knowledge and skills

● Family life management

● Community connections and referrals

For more information visit Prevention and Early Intervention 

or call Bonnie at 902-749-1718 ext 5 (

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