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What is it? 

FlexTime options and policies allow employees to adapt or adjust their hours worked and schedules to balance work demands with obligations or lifestyle preferences while still fulfilling the responsibilities of their role. FlexTime is part of a broader group of work-life initiatives that employers implement to help employees create a better balance between the demands of their job and life outside of work. Examples of the other work-life balance initiatives include leaves with or without pay, an extension of maternity and paternity, and offering health care plans.

FlexTime supports more than families with children. All employees will encounter times when they need workplace flexibility throughout their lives. For example, they may find themselves providing care to an elderly loved one or playing a regular role in caring for grandchildren so that their parent or parents can work. There may be religious or cultural reasons that people need FlexTime. FlexTime is highly valued by young adults.


The FlexTime Works Initiative (FWI) is a work-life balance program designed to position the Tri-County area (Digby County, Yarmouth County, and Shelburne County) as a great place to work and live. It does that by supporting workplaces to implement FlexTime options and recognizing employers that offer FlexTime and awarding them the FlexTime Champion designation. These workplaces care about their staff and their communities and know that FlexTime is not only good for their employees but good for their organization.


The FWI is led by Parents’ Place Yarmouth Family Centre, which oversaw community consultations to identify gaps in support for parents to find and maintain employment. The lack of flexible employment opportunities was identified as a significant barrier for many parents. As Parents’ Place explored the promotion of FlexTime as one solution, they realized that flexible employment options would benefit many groups in addition to the parents they support. 


Parents’ Place Yarmouth Family Centre has dedicated staff to lead the FWI program. They are referred to as the FWI team throughout this document.


Parents’ place and partners envision a network of Tri-County area businesses and non-profits that are equally and passionately committed to building a regional workplace culture that attracts families and young adults to the area, retains employees at individual workplaces creates opportunities for people to join the workforce.

A great example of FlexTime is providing an employee with the opportunity to take time off or arrive late to work so that they can participate in the lobster industry’s dumping day.


Dumping Day is a traditional Tri-County area event where families and communities gather to wish the fishermen luck and safety as the lobster season begins. If this is important to your employee(s), they can see their partner or other loved one off to sea and still make up their hours at another time.


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